Group 5

Group 5

Full Size Estate Vehicles

In this category we have luxurious Full size Kia Sportage or the Nissan Qashqai. All of these cars come with a powerful diesel engine and also benefit from Air Conditioning, Bluetooth, Alloy Wheels & 5 doors with most having Satellite Navigation and Cruise Control as standard.
We also have some Hybrid Automatic models in this range too which are a higher specification and so are charged at £10 more per day.

Class: Group 5

Doors: 5

Fuel: Diesel

Tariff (prices per day):

1-2 days hire: £78
3-4 days hire: £68
5-6 days hire: £63
7+ days hire: £60


Classified as our large estate vehicle, our group 5 cars are all super efficient large diesel engines which whilst being economical also have some go in them. Most vehicles have a luxurious specification which includes Satellite Navigation, Lumber support & Cruise Control. Parking sensors make our large cars a breeze to park whilst also being perfect for commuting to business meetings in comfort whilst also presenting a professional image. The Group 5 is also ideal for families and holiday makers with extra luggage space and they will comfortably seat 5 adults with good rear legroom.

Full Size Estate
  • Large Estate
  • Bluetooth & Air Con
  • Economical yet Powerful Diesel
  • Luxurious Driving Experience